Bucket list

Everyone has a bucket list whether it is written or not, it’s there – and mine has been growing for years – every year I check a few things off it and add ten more.

It’s a wild world out there, and sitting at home in front of the TV, or working 50 hours a week in a job you hate is not going to help you experience it. These are my goals… what are yours?

1. Cuddle a tiger

2. Ride a motorbike through Vietnam

3. Create a piece of theatre with a group of underprivileged children

4. Give my time to the development of a charity organisation

5. Get a traditional Pacific tattoo – in the traditional (painful) way

6. Safari in africa.

7. Ride an elephant bareback.

8. Have a piece of writing published.

9. Perform on broadway.

10. Open a school.

11. Eat weird food in China

12. Have a baby (or four)

13. Live in a remote place, on a beach, in a foreign country

14. Drive across Nevada in a convertible

15. See grizzly bears in the wild

16. Learn to surf

17. Have a one of my plays performed in London

18. Stay with a tribe in Africa

19. Swim with sharks

20. Donate $10,000 to charity

21. Drink Tequilla on a beach in Mexico

22. Become fluent in another language

23. Learn how to do a mural in spray paint

24. Play a whole song on my guitar

25. Give it all up for someone else

26. Feel no fear while traveling alone

27. Travel alone in the Middle East.

28. Visit the Killing Fields in Cambodia

29. Write a best seller travel book.

30. Eat cheese in France

31. Volunteer in Iraq

32. Climb a coconut tree

33. Hold Sisters first child and kiss that soft skin

34. Go to Uluru

35. Go on a walkabout

36. Drive across Australia

37. Make a decision without doubt

38. Get my masters degree

39. See the pyramids

40. Visit the Dalai Lama’s temple in India

41. Go to Peru

42. Get funding for writing.

43. See a tiger in the wild.

44. Give completely selflessly

45. Have a photograph published

46. Adopt a child

47. Trek in Nepal

48. Trek through the Jungles of Borneo

49. Be a part of a research trip in Antarctica

50. Walk on a glacier

51. Be a foster parent

52. Take a bath in a mud volcano

53. Harvest rice

54. Climb an active volcano

55. Banish self conciousness

56. Visit the seven wonders of the world.

57. Dance at an Indian wedding.

58. Learn how to train an Elephant in Thailand

59. Be a part of a turtle rehabilitation program

60. Visit the Dalai Lama temple in Northern India

This list will grow and change and develop, some of these things I will do alone, others I will hope to do with friends. For every moment gained another door opens to so many experiences that I never have imagined. My goal is to find a way through life which encourages education, experience and excitement, no matter my age, my finances or my situation.

What is life if not to be lived?

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