Little steps

YYTS Slum School in Chandigarh, India


I was extremely fortunate to be born into the safety, health and realitve wealth of an Australian, Western family. It was not my choice, it was nothing but luck really, to have so many opportunities, gifts and choices afforded to me instantly purely because of my place of birth and the colour of my skin. The more I travel the more I realise that I could have been just as easily born into any other family anywhere else on the earth, and if I had, my life would indeed be dramatically different.

I have been given the freedom because of my place of birth to travel, to have education and safety… All things that I took for granted for a very long time. It is only now, as I get a little older, a little wiser (perhaps), that I have really started to realise how lucky I am. I haven’t had a lot handed to me for nothing, but I have had the freedom of choice, expression and self since the day I was born. I’ve had to work hard for what I have, there has been tragedy and there have been many tears along the way. But I am lucky.

There are many charities and organisations around the world, some that I have had the privelledge to visit others are on my list, that I support whole heartedly. And through the links below you can visit my articles and pictures about these charities, so that you too can follow them, support them and give to them if you should so see fit.

There is something very simple about taking the time to make change. All it takes is time. Time out of your day, time away from the television, the shopping mall, the magazine. Time to talk, time to listen. It’s simple. There is a big world out there that is full of pain and suffering, tears and heartache, beauty and innocence. And for each and every one of us, there are things we can all do to make it a better world.

Act as if what you do makes a difference.  It does. 

~William James

There are wars that are tearing our lands apart, wars based on greed and power, wars based on religion and hate. And it breaks my heart. There is something you can do about it. Support a charity, give your time, make a change. There are wars out there that are ripping the soul from countries, destroying cultures and killing innocent people, and I look around me and I see so many people who are so against this war, so against poverty, starvation, inadequate health care – but just stand idly by – not in agreement, but not in action either.

Isn’t it time we made some noise? Isn’t it time some action was taken? Stand up. Be heard. This is your world. Believing in good is commendable, but only when you are actually DOING good are you being useful…

One Response to “Little steps”
  1. Sash I have a similar thought everytime I’m lucky enough to travel which is “how lucky am i to be able to be here”. So many people in the world arent able to travel to certain countries due to visa restrictions etc no matter how much they work for it. To have an Australian passport or a passport from another western country us such a privilage and i try never to take it for granted.

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