Something new – Inked in Colour

Well, Barefoot Inked readers… life has changed in an amazing, grand and somewhat transformative way. I’m a mother. A very proud mother at that, to a beautiful five week old awe-inspiring child who has my full undivided attention day and night and it is exhausting, glorious, amazing and emotional every minute of every day.

Along with this NEW addition to H and I’s little family, we have developed a beautiful (we think so anyway) new website to celebrate the beginning of life’s most incredible adventure… parenthood. We would love it if you popped over, subscribed and tagged along on this amazing journey with us as we explore everything that is us in our new skins as parents… Inked in Colour is where  you will find us.

Barefoot inked may be on a temporary hiatus at the moment as we settle into our new lives, but when the wanderlust creeps up on us again (we are planning on travel in a months time) we will be back with a vengeance right here…

xx Until then xx

Barefoot big and small.


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