a “bump” in the road…

It has been too long since I last wrote words here for you all to read. And I have a whole world of excuses and stories and experiences that could have filled hundreds of blogs over the past silent months on these pages out here in internet land.

Instead of going back in time and pretending that I had written all along – I’ll start from here, from where I am today, and slowly we will see the way back.

I have had written on my to do list BLOG for the past few months, and although each day I get through my list one way or another, or little things get pushed to the following day, or week and more ambitious things get left to the side for another lifetime where time and I are friends again… I never did quite get to the BLOG part. I have written a hundred blogs in the past few months but now with a long list of guest blogging gigs across the vast expanse of the internet desert I seem to have neglected the thirst of my own, and this post is hopefully the beginning of that changing, as I find a new rhythm.

See, perhaps it is a little ironic that one of my most recent posts this year (is this year almost over already?) was about a wedding… a wedding that my own partner and I were planning to never have, a different wedding, and our very own special engagement – a plan for our future. Yet now here I am, in October, already married. It seems like a lifetime has passed since we made those plans.  That magical wedding we were planning for this coming summer in Australia got shelved for now, and a quick, village style traditional Islamic wedding was on the cards instead.

Life, as we have discussed so many times, never does go as planned. Things don’t run according to a to-do list and I never go to sleep with a quiet mind and a list complete… there is always a fork in the road and there is always another choice, another decision and another surprise thrown in the mix.

In May we were surprised by one of the most wonderful unplanned moments of all. We found out that two were about to become three and we well and truly had our worlds rocked over here in our sleepy fishing village… and within the techno-coloured walls of our little village shack we pondered our options. A bump in the road, a miracle, a surprise… a world of possibility.

Things changed in the very heart and soul of our relationship and we have both been shaken and thrown around this roller coaster of life and been up and down and all around over the past five months… and now with only three and a half months to go before we meet this little person who right from the very beginning defied the odds and had a plan all of their own… the world of this barefoot traveller is a completely different place.

As a creative soul I have found this one creation completely consuming… the creation of life has taken over my body, my heart and my mind and every moment of every day I am distracted more and more from what my real life was – by what my real life is soon to be… and I am mesmerised by the miracle of it all.

There are new projects in the works, bigger, better writing projects with more aspiration and inspiration than what has come before as we try to find a balance in life, as we try to find the answers to the circus that life has thrown our way – and as I try to manage with change and find a way to stay viable financially, spiritually and emotionally through it all and keep my new blossoming little family all together, for always.

Barefoot inked… with a treasured ring and new little footprints tattooed across my soul.

3 Responses to “a “bump” in the road…”
  1. Beautiful words! I know exactly what you mean, however different the context of my own little life is. Such a wonderful, scary and exciting journey!!!

  2. Elaina says:

    Those are really beautiful words Sash! I love how you don’t sugarcoat the realities of change in life, but say it honestly yet optimistically 🙂 Best of luck for you and your family 🙂

  3. Ecky says:

    Very well written Sash.. I hope you enjoy the new journey 🙂

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