because my life’s for living…

I was doing a bit of freelance work last week for a company who wanted to interview me and have me write an article on how I live my life and what its like being a digital nomad. First of all I had to, a little pink in the cheeks, ask them… ‘uh… what is a digital nomad?’ This then involved a long by-email discussion about digital nomads and lifestyle design… Lifestyle design? 4 hour work week? I have been off the grid for a while now haven’t I? The most entertaining part about the whole discussion was that I was contacted because I am one of the people out there who has designed their life as a digital nomad successfully… I just didn’t know that I had.

So, for those of you out there who have been living in digital darkness like I have been… I thought I might educate you on exactly what it is I do, and why it is a phenomena around the world. It seems like a bit of a joke now really.

Essentially lifestyle design is about creating the life you actually want to be living. Not saving for retirement, not waiting for the two weeks holiday you get a year… none of that. But living the life you want, right now, every day. Sit down, right now if you want, and write what it is you want to be doing. How do you like to spend your time, where do you want to live, what is important to you, what do you want to accomplish. Once you ahve this list you can go about designing a lifestyle that allows you to achieve all this and more, without the 9-5 grind that has so many people out there going crazy.

Stop waiting for your real life to begin, your life is happening right now, are you actually doing anything you want with it? There are a lot of plans out there that we are supposed to follow, social conditioning, media, parents, teachers, friends… everyone has opinions on what we SHOULD be doing, how we SHOULD be living. But realistically, these people know no more than you do, are they living their lives how THEY want to? Probably not.

The standard template of life looks something like this:

1.Grow up in suburbia.
2.Go to college.
3.Get a job.
4.Get married, buy a house and have 2.5 kids.
5.Retire at 65.
6.Play a little.

Is that good enough for you? It’s not good enough for me, not even a little bit… it seems completely pointless. Lifestyle design and the digital nomad lifestyle is all about FREEDOM. Remember how good it was when you were a kid and school finished and you just had months of summer with nothing to do. That was real freedom. Your life can be like that too.

What is a digital nomad?

Being a digital nomad basically means you are location independant. You can work whenever/wherever you want to. This requires a bit of planning and some intellegent design. Developing internet business is a good start, webpages, design, photography, writing, sales are all good ways to make money online. Choose what you are good at and become the best at it. Being a digital nomad means you can work your own hours, live wherever you want in the world, change destinations all the time – it’s summer holidays, all year long.

Sounds good? Damn right it does.

There are some fantastic websites out there giving tips and tricks and information on how to design your own life.

Check out:
Exploring life out of the Cubicle
David Risley – Lifestyle design

Think about it, I spent 2 hours working today, 2 hours working on my masters and the rest of the day relaxing in my tropical island home. What were you doing?

Barefoot and free, because my life is for living.

3 Responses to “because my life’s for living…”
  1. kate Heaslip says:

    love you sash xx

  2. Susan Gross says:

    I Love you, too, Sash! You’ve reminded us all to slow down, and Enjoy. Your Mum raised you Well !!

  3. I’ve just arrived home to Canada after 2.5 years away and I’m now being faced with doing what is expected of me: get a job locally, save, buy a house, find the guy, marry the guy…when what I truly want is to develop my writing and photography skills and my yoga teaching skills and continue exploring the world while doing something I love. You are a true inspiration to me, and I hope I can gain the confidence to go against the grain yet again and live the way I want to.

    Thank you for reminding us that it is possible.

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