Later, Dude…

We lost our village dog yesterday, he died on the chocolate sand of his home beach, in front of the restaurant that we frequent, next to the board racks he dutifully waits for us by.

Dude was a good dog. He knew how to shake hands and his propeller tail and howled greetings were always welcomed.

He will always lay under the sand, where we sit every day, we will walk over his resting place and know that in some way he will always be here… the puppy that drove us crazy with his barking and biting and jumping, the dog who we cooked for even when we never cooked for ourselves, the dog who sat in the hammock for cuddle therapy and rode in the basket on the front of the bike. He will always be the dog who knew how to sneak into your room and get into your bed without you noticing. He shared his fleas, his licks and his sense of humour… We tried to make his surf, we took chicken out into the ocean and we still wear the scars. He loved us unconditionally and we loved him back, even when we moved house he shared himself evenly across his beloved humans.

Rest in Peace Dude.

Sometime in 2010 – 02.03.2011


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