Melbourne… in a nutshell

Well, technically not in a nutshell, in a blog… but you get that. We drove into Melbourne on Sunday morning, it was cold, rainy and I wasn’t much surprised. I was in town to do an unfortunate job, and one I was not looking forward to but the plus side is seeing great friends from years past. Having done both my University stints in Melbourne at some time or another (I find it hard to stay in one place) I have heaps of lovely, crazy, wacky, arty friends still living in the very coolest parts of town.

So we hopped from bar to cafe, eating great food, drinking good coffee and cheap beer and talking about love, work and life… There were tears, laughter and many tears of laughter as we recounted our lives over the past year to each other.

My favourite cafe in Brunswick is still standing proud, serving organic, delicious and affordable food Greens… your a gem… stay the way you are forever.

I saw babies who are no longer babies… I jumped on trampolines and ate the moon with my favourite little almost-three year old in the world. And I packed my old life up in boxes and drove out of the city three days later… sad to leave, but happy to close the door on a chapter in my life so I can fully open the door on the next one.

Melbourne hasn’t changed much, everyone still wears eyeliner and black jeans, retro is still most definitely in and every tries really hard to look like they haven’t tried at all… the food is still cheap and good, the beer is still flowing free and the live music venues are still pumping… It’s still arty and wonderful, it’s still painted in the tears of angst and the colours of joy… and it’s still by far one of my favourite cities in the world…

Barefoot, moving onwards and upwards.


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