If he could do it, you can too.

I think we as Australians, as humans, as citizens of a free world should be ashamed. This video is a wake up call, a reality check. There are things going on in the world right now that you wouldn’t be able to even imagine, while your busy trying on clothes for your saturday night out… while you are driving your children to school… while you are worrying about the little things… people are dying. If you’re not scared about the state of the world, you are not paying attention.

Julian Assange was arrested this week for acts that some call conspiracy and others vehemently believed he committed. I don’t want to go anywhere near that can of worms. He was however, undeniably questioned and ostracised for asserting his right to free speech, something we all take for granted. A journalist, a writer, an internet activist.

If Assange committed the acts that he has been accused of, he should rot in jail. But whether he did or didn’t do it, it doesn’t change the change he has made in the world, in the way that we talk, in the information we have access to. We don’t have to be blind. Wikileaks was (and will continue to be) the source of activism that had the potential to really make a difference. and it has, we are all talking about it… and that’s the first step to all this horror our world is creating finally changing.

This video, recently released by Wikileaks shows what is happening to innocent people. We (the general public) would never have access to anything like this without someone like Assange. The first step toward change is awareness. And we are certainly becoming aware. I’m not interested in conspiracy theories and whether or not they are true or false. What I am interested in is what are WE going to do about what is happening. Not with Assange personally but with the information he has given us access to. because after all, isn’t that REALLY what this is all about?

To believe in change is commendable, but only when you are actually acting on change are you being useful.

Take a stand.

Barefoot and in action.


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