Christmas, it’s child’s play…

icing anyone?

It’s 17 sleeps until Santa comes… trust me I know… I’ve been counting. I can’t help it, it’s probably the North American blood that courses through my veins… but I love Christmas… I really do. It’s a special time of year, it’s gingerbread and chocolates and good white wine. It’s seafood and salads and days on the deck in the sun. Christmas in Australia is not white and romantic and kisses under the mistletoe… but it’s still bloody festive. We drink cold booze, we sit in the sun, we sweat and we give gifts and play with water pistols. The kids play under the sprinklers and get fairy costumes from Santa and batman capes and coulored paper litters the floor reminding you of the joy spent as the sun rose ripping the gifts from their shells.

I forget how much I love all that. So, this morning I drove out onto the farm and built a gingerbread house with two little friends of mine. Christmas is very exciting when you are seven, Santa is still ages away but the good times have already begun. So we used icing as glue and built a house that Santa would be proud of. Covered in good German gingerbread cookies, candies, sprinkles and mountains of icing sugar… we devoured sugary sample after sugary sample as we built the house of Christmas. I am impressed with the result, the house stands, it’s not the prettiest house in the world, but by god has it got character! I used to make gingerbread houses with my mum when I was a kid, one year we delivered a large yellow plastic lunchbox masquerading as a gingerbread house (merely covered in icing and candies) to a Christmas party… my mum’s a lot of wonderful things… a gingerbread master is not one of them…

a house unlike any other...

Christmas should always be seen through the eyes of a child… because that’s when its special, when its truly magical, when its not at all about the gifts you receive but the excitement leading up to it, the letter to Santa, the waiting, the anticipation.

Little Miss M built a gingerbread cookie for Santa, so that he will know where to find her on Christmas Eve. The most beautiful gingerbread Santa I’ve ever seen… though I’m not sure if it will last 17 sleeps… As she was making it she was telling me about how she will leave it out for Santa, to prove she has been good. Halfway through the conversation she put the dough down, looked up to the roof and yelled, ‘Do you hear that Santa? I’m talking to you!’

Christmas, it’s child’s play…

Barefoot and coming down off a sugar high…

icing for breakfast? sure... it's christmas.

This post is a submission for Lonely Planet’s blogsherpa blog carnival Christmas Traditions Around the World hosted by Abi from Inside the Travel Lab… Click on over and enjoy!

One Response to “Christmas, it’s child’s play…”
  1. Jason says:

    Hey Barefoot,
    Nice post about making gingerbread houses. Clearly you’ve got an architectural background, judging from the photo. I’m a bit worried about the structural integrity…from the look of things more icing was eaten than was used to hold the house together.

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