Love on the Road II

A couple of months ago I hosted the Lonely Planet Blogsherpas 8th Blog Carnival Love on the Road, with great success. The topic was Love on the Road and has brought up many queries and questions in regards to my own story…

I try not to be one of those bloggers who uses this public platform to lay out all of their angst and heart ache and love like a diary for all the world to read. I try to maintain my private and public life as two separate beasts. I try to develop a sense of understanding between the words that I write and the underlying subtext of my own emotional roller coaster. I never use names and I try really hard to protect the people around me from having anything too personal posted about them on a public forum such as this.

That being said. You asked, you asked and then you asked again… so here it is…

I moved to Indonesia last December, I was in a relationship that was on rocky ground and which subsequently disintegrated into tiny crumbs that would not be swept away. But as many stories from other Lonely Planet travel bloggers have shown, Love on the Road, whether it is new love or old love is never simple. I found new love, I found a person that on paper doesn’t make any sense at all. We speak a different language, we have a different cultural background, religious beliefs (he has them, and well, I don’t), our ideas on societal roles and expectations are worlds apart. We try to understand each other, and we are learning from each other every day. But he makes me laugh and he brightens my day and heĀ frustrates me and he makes me smile and it’s only the beginning. Something changes in the very fabric of your being every time you fall in love, you are changed by that person and you in turn will change them. I love to fall in love. I don’t know where we will go from here, I have a whole world of possibility out there which I need to explore and barefeet that itch if I stay in one place too long… But sometimes when you least expect it, you find exactly what you need in someone that you were never looking for. Life is a funny beast, and love on the road is not at all like in the movies, much more like the concept that was coined by a fellow blogsherpa friend of mine over at Ginger Beruit, love is much like sucking spaghetti up a straw, simple in concept, difficult in practice.

Barefoot and exploring her options.


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