barefoot in the mother land…

I travel a lot. It’s true. Some people think I’m running away from things. Perhaps that’s true too. But as much as I love to leave, there is something about Australia that I love and I think the more time I spend away, the more I love this beautiful country every time I come home again.

A ploughmans lunch, the stuff dreams are made of...

The Southern Highlands are the tourism hub of New South Wales, they are charming villages and towns spread across green hills, national parks, gorges, forests, and on one side the ocean with great waves and on the other the start of the red red desert. The residents of The Southern Highlands are generally artistic folk (besides the few red neck areas) who keep to themselves and create cool art in their studios which all back onto cattle ranches and horse paddocks.

I’ve spent some time driving around in the pouring rain (because however beautiful the area is, it’s not too bright, it hasn’t realised that its summer) watching kangaroos jumping through the fields of lazy dairy cows… watching the Rosetta’s in their colourful glory fly from tree to tree and dance along the grass flicking water from their feathers. I’ve stood at the edge of a gorge and looked down into the heart of the Australian forest, where a web of gumtrees, ferns and brush hides the earth and all the wildlife that call it home sing the songs that remind me of my childhood camping days.

cheeky little parrot...

From the old Cheese Factory in Robertson, where you can eat delicious farm fresh food with a backdrop of a art and home preservatives store and large glass windows that look out on a green paddock… to the phenomenal Buddhist temple, located on the side of the national park and then to the national park itself, with the red rock gorges, the dark green leaves and the dusty earth… I was in love with the culture, the diversity, the beauty that I often forget Australia does so well.

Sure, I made a home in Indonesia, and I love it there… it is my place for now, it is the place that calls to me, it’s the place I dream of… but I guess my national pride is still in place, because at the end of the day, I still call Australia home (perhaps proof of that is the fact that I quote that song, I love that song)…

Barefoot, feeling a little patriotic, and in the mother land.

2 Responses to “barefoot in the mother land…”
  1. earthymind says:

    love the way clours of hte bird have come up…truly vibrant!!!kudos!

  2. She Owns The Sky says:

    I know how you feel – currently in Austria with “no matter how far, or how wide I roam” proudly tattooed on my feet.

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