from barefeet to bubble baths…

I’ve been back on my native soil for five days and I’m seriously freezing. The Southern Highlands of New South Wales are not only a beautiful part of Australia, but mother nature seems to have forgotten than Summer is a mere 3 days away.

It’s been less than 10 degrees for the past few nights, and with an electric blanket, three doonas and many layers of clothing I’ve still maintained a constant chill. For someone who has been well and truly acclimatised by the tropical climate… this is feeling like the middle of winter… something that I was not really expecting at this time in the year, in Australia. But then again, where I hail from, on the sunny west coast… it’s always 30+ degrees at this time of year, hot, sunny and beautiful…

The southern highlands are certainly a unique part of Australia, not for its temperature but for the incredible amount of loopy individuals that inhabit its green slopes.

From the stories that I’ve heard and the people that I’ve met there is certainly an amazing conglomerate of people who live out here in rural Sydney. People come here to hide, they come here to be creative and they come here for a better quality of life, in the beautiful hills living alongside wombats and possums.

From rags to riches, from stud farms to wacky art studios and farmers markets in five days I’ve seen it all. I went to a childrens art show at a little gallery and watched as excited little people drank green cordial and laughed and rejoiced in each others art and the prizes that they received.

On Sunday we went to a cafe, a diner called Chats Cafe… where on a Sunday afternoon the owner plays the tuba accompanied by a singer (from a well known Australian band) who sang Italian opera and 1960 show tunes. There was singing, dancing and indulging in a little hole in the wall cafe where the local comes to hide from the rain.

The southern highlands… a place where Australian artists come together to hide from the world and create spectacular art.

Barefoot, bubble bath soaked and being re-cultured into my old life…


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