a temple in the sea…

On the coastal side of Beraban is the spectacular Tanah Lot Temple. Another beautiful Bali landmark and historical wonder that the lovely H took me to see.

The truly unique temple is built on a rock out in the sea and is a sight to be seen. Very important to the Hindu followers, this particular temple is built in honour of of the snake gods, the protectors of the sea. It is said that there are holy snakes that are adorned in black and white that are not only deity property but act as guards of the temples, protecting the holy land from bad influences.

We stood together on the rocks and watched the waves crash around the entrance to the floating temple, as rain fell gently on our shoulders. It’s a magical place. A place that holds in its hands the power of a lifetime and the trust and respect of a religion and a belief system that is just out of my reach. Sometimes it is hard being a foreigner, wishing to understand, aching to believe in something but instead just being a spectator of all this trust and belief in a higher power.

Religion is a powerful thing, you either have it or you don’t. I don’t. Sometimes I can’t help wonder what it would be like to just believe, to truly believe in something greater than yourself, to have faith that someone is watching over you that someone will reward you for being good or punish you for being bad when you leave this life. I don’t have that faith, I don’t know what I believe in anymore. So I go to temples, I touch the rocks that were carved thousands of years ago and I imagine the people who carved them with such love and such worship. I walk in bare feet on the same ground as those believers walked before me and I try to some how gain a little of what they have. A little faith.

Barefoot. Finding faith in history.


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