And the winner is…

and the winner is...

Sunday morning began unlike any other. The air was tense and the boys were both a little nervous… and happy to admit it. the morning was filled with prayers, chats, coffees and a morning surf followed by a long wait by the beach to find out when they were up.

We realized soon enough that it was going to be a long day in the sun, and already a little depleted we slunk back to the hotel to nap, attempt some quiet time so the boys (and the nervous girlfriends) could find a little calm.

When they surfed they were unlucky, the waves that had turned on quite a show earlier in the afternoon turned ugly and both boys had to fight to catch some good waves. I listened anxiously over the loudspeaker as their scores changed with every wave. Near the end the loudspeaker was cut off. We had no idea who had won. There had been a problem with the computer and the final scores had not been updated. So the wait was not nearly over. After some stress, some tears and some arguments… (mostly my own) we arrived at the after party drenched from a torrential downpour, tired and on edge. a cold beer and an important announcement, a few trophies and some large novelty cheques later the mood changed dramatically. The boys came through the winners. H took out first with M an extremely close second.

We were very proud of our boys, and after the stress and tumultuous travels it took us to get here were more than satisfied with the result. Topped off by VIP entry to the Rip Curl after party, free food and beer and an eclectic mix of local bands from pop to heavy metal. We all slept extremely well…

only to wake to another day…

Barefoot in Bali.


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