just one foot in front of the other

time together in the sun

I leave footprints in the chocolate sand of the crowded beach of my new home and they disappear under thousands of others… Idul Fitri is still in full swing, the mobs of local tourists throwing their garbage all over our beautiful village and leaving their mark on all of us. The air is choked with the sputter from hundreds of motorbikes and the quiet narrow streets are lined with big city cars.

There are not many things I enjoy about Idul Fitri in Batukaras, but there is one thing that is worth the crowds… The food. We don’t normally have food stalls… but the other day I went on an eating adventure… and despite the intense stomach ache it was amazing! Fried tofu, pisang goreng, vegetables with spicy peanut sauce, puffed rice with chilli powder, pancakes with chocolate and peanut, boiled noodles with vegetables, coconut half moon cake, spicy hard tofu, warm chicken, cold sticky rice in little banana leave parcels, candies, and two giant bags of harem manis (cotton candy) later… I was well and truly stuffed and satisfied… mmmm… makes you sick just thinking about it right?

I’m only just over a week off my birthday, a quarter century… and this looming milestone in my life has sent me into an inner thought spiral that has been draining on both body and mind. I’ve spent hours in the surf, as at the moment it is the best place for me to have some time alone to think even though there have been thousands of tourists attempting to swim this week, I always feel alone (the good kind of alone) in the water. Floating in the warm tropic water at sunrise this morning whilst the tail end of a wild storm trickled the last of its rain on my shoulders I pondered work, life, love and everything in between. For three hours I rode waves, bobbed on the glassy surface, and looked for answers in the grey clouds that hung just above my busy mind.

I’m growing up… the way I see the world is forever changing and even though I’ve had a rough couple of weeks in some ways, it’s been very humbling to discover that I can handle it without knee jerk reactions. I find solace in my friends and the wonderfully simple and honest relationships that we have. We sit in the sun and watch the crowd ebb and flow along the streets and sand that normally we walk alone…

I’ve been reading ‘Three Cups of Tea,’ a great book about building schools in the middle east and listening to political indie rock out of the US – an interesting combination that has kept my brain firing on all cylinders… and I’m formulating my life plans in a more concrete way every day. I am finding a way to come to terms with my own goals and ambitions and reassess my future plans.

I guess regardless of how childish and carefree my life may seem to some of you out there in cyber space… I’m creating something here in the landscape of my mind that I would have been powerless to even consider living in a city in Australia. I know something big lays ahead, that changes will have to be made… I’m just working on the plan.

Viva la persistence!

Barefoot, thoughtful and over fed.


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