Blogsherpa Carnival #9 First Time Travel


First time solo travel - Hawaii

As a child I travelled all the time, with a Canadian mother and an Australian father my brothers and sisters are I were lucky enough to get to travel to America, Canada and France more than once throughout our childhood. As an infant I travelled half way around the world to meet the other half of my family. I was used to air travel even though my mother has an undeniable fear of flying the kids were always relatively calm.

We stopped travelling before I became a teenager and I didn’t set foot outside the country until the time I did it on my own for the first time. Having  had experienced the ups and downs and angst of post-high school life as a creative, wild and directionless soul I found myslef in a bit of a tricky spiral. The only way to break that was to get out. So I bought a round-the-world ticket and for the first time in my life I boarded a plane for what would be a year of solo travel.

I landed in Hawaii, it was my first stop on a long journey of self discovery – a young adult still very much a child, venturing out into the world to find clarity and experience the world outside my backyard. But as exciting and thrilling as solo travel is, particuaraly your very fist time, it is terrifying and scary and pretty daunting too.

I landed in Hawaii in the early hours of the morning. The hot sticky air coated my aready tired skin making me sweat as I lugged my bags and guitar through immigration. I was fingerprinted and photographed and all the while I kept thinking, What on Earth am I doing here! But I was still in control, after already having been in transit for 24 hours, Perth to Sydney, Sydney to Hawaii, I was doing pretty good for a first timer. Until I reached the mini van outside the gates… Then the world started to fall apart a little.

When my transfer came to meet me, a service organised by my travel agent to smooth the transition for me (let me note here this was the first and last time I have ever used a travel agent) I was impressed. A large Hawaiian man met me with a hug a kiss on the cheek and a lei around my neck, the true Hawaiian entrance. I was grinning from ear to ear regardless of my exhaustion. So at 2am local time I climbed into the van and handed the driver my hotel voucher. The smile dropped from his face. This hotel is not on this island. He said. Where am I supposed to take you? I freaked out a little and named a hotel that I remembered from my online research. And then panicked for the rest of the drive. They dropped me at the hotel and left.

After paying too much money for a room that I didn’t want, I was overwhelmed, it was 3am in the morning and I sat in my hotel room in tears. I reverse charge called my mum in Australia and told her I wanted to come home. Just breathe, she said, breathe, have a hot shower and go to bed, tomorrow is a new day… So I did what she said, in the true style I have always followed my mothers advice, take some and leave the rest. I had a hot shower, I got dressed and I went to the hotel bar, got drunk, met some Hawaiian surfers and partied the night away, watching the sunset over the sapphire waters at Waikiki beach…

And so began a love with travel… there have been many mishaps along the way… but every one is an adventure. Every hiccup in a well planned trip has led to something more wonderful than could have ever been planned for… 

Barefoot inked, well travelled, and hungry for more.

This post is a part of the Lonely Planet Blogsherpa Blog Carnival hosted by Claire at First Time Travel – check out First Time Travel for great posts from talented bloggers the world over!

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