Love on the Road – Blogsherpa Carnival #8

It’s my pleasure to host the Lonely Planet Blogsherpa Blog Carnival this week… A group of bloggers living, travelling and working in remote, strange and wonderful places all over the world come together and share their stories, experiences and general travel tips.

This weeks Blogsherpa Carnival is on the topic of love. Love is a strange beast in any form, and when you find it on the road, it can feel like you have stepped into a parallel universe. Whether it is a love of your own, or finding a window into love in another culture – it can be exciting, shocking, gooey and heartbreaking all at once. I’ve been there… I’ve cried, I’ve laughed and I’ve left… I’ve stayed, watched and let my jaw drop at customs that I never knew existed.

A few of my fellow Lonely Planet Blogsherpa’s have got together to share their stories of Love on the Road with a few great tips, fun pictures and amazing tales thrown in there to complete the perfect combo for everyone!



Denise from Travel with Den Den experienced love first hand when she fell in love on the road. “Another chapter, another story, a completely different genre and god only knows which setting. Life was once again flaunting its unpredictability in my face, and this time, rather than crying, I was laughing my head off and enjoying the challenge thoroughly. And my modern-day prince was there next to me, ready to embrace all my madness and peculiarities, and it seemed, with no intention of leaving.’


Vago from Vagobond found his wife whilst on the road in Morocco and decided to stay for a while. His is a story is one of inspiration and beauty that is sure to resonate in the heart of anyone who has fallen in love before. “Life has suddenly become very beautiful…and complicated. I am in Africa, in Morocco, an Islamic nation, in a small fertile community that was once known as the garden of Morocco, living in a house with a shepherd, his wife, his son, and his three daughters…and it’s quite possible that I am living with the woman of my dreams.”


Liz from Travelogged has taken the time to research and write about the top 10 Romantic Travel destinations to really get your heart a flutter! Coming in at number 4 was the city of love! And coming in at number 10 was… ” New York City: When you live here it doesn’t always seem so romantic; it just feels like business as usual. But when you step outside your usual routine to admire the fresh snow blanketing Central Park, go to a Broadway show or stroll along the new High Line park on a sunny day, you remind yourself how special NYC truly is.”


From Ragne at Destination Anywhere observed young love in Morocco, a beautiful moment in a country where public displays of affection are indeed forbidden. But what becomes of young love when so many rules are placed around it? “But putting aside all those rules and regulations, traditions and values, experimenting and pushing the boundaries – where does it leave simple young romance? That what Western society cherishes as pure and gentle, often inevitably painful in the end but still wonderfully lovely”


Love is only a four letter word…


If you have ever considered the perfect analogy for mixing love and culture differences, then look no further than Georgia from Ginger Beruit, who explains (quite aptly I’d say) it’s nothing like the movies portray but more like spaghetti up a straw! “When you enjoy exploring new countries and learning new languages, managing a cross-culture relationship could be likened to eating spaghetti with a straw. At first sight it looks like an easy match. None of this square peg-round hole business. Even a child could match the pairs: the hand fits in the glove, the foot in the sock and the spaghetti up the straw. But with a strand of pasta half-way up the channel and pesto clogging the airways, things appear a little more tricky.”


And last, but certainly not least is a story of handcuff love, the symbolic (as opposed to the kinky) kind from Abi over at Inside The Travel Lab. Who’d have known Cologne has so much symbolism oozing from its famous and extremely loved up bridge. “The Hohenzollernbrücke Bridge excels itself, not only in terms of the length of its name, but also in terms of declaring undying love.” Hop on over to Inside the Travel Lab and read this incredible story which is guaranteed to make you smile, laugh and cringe just a little at the gooeyness…


I’d like to thank my fellow Lonely Planet blogsherpas  Denise, Vago, Liz, Ragne, Georgia and Abi for their great contributions to Love on the Road!

The previous blog carnival was hosted by Jason at Alpaca Suitcase, and next week there will be another great Blog Carnival on the topic of First time Travel hosted by Claire from First Time Travel! Check them out and support the Lonely Planet Blogsherpa team as they tell stories from places far away!

Barefoot inked and finding Love on the Road.

15 Responses to “Love on the Road – Blogsherpa Carnival #8”
  1. vago says:

    Great carnival Sash! Thanks for including us! But aren’t you going to tell us about you? 😉


  2. Sophie says:

    Lovely posts. Thanks to Sash and everyone for sharing.

  3. Abi says:

    I agree with Vago – when do we get to hear your story?

  4. Travelogged says:

    Thanks for including me in such a great roundup! I loved reading these stories.

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