a tough day at the office…

This is the view from my office, it’s got fresh air, a spectacular view of palms, sea and volcanoes and plenty of distractions. As a writer living in a remote village in Indonesia, I desperately need an internet connection… and I have one, but its slower than the old school dial up that I used to use to chat on mIrc when I was 13 years old. And after living with broadband for years, it does get more than a little frustrating at times.

Bloggers rely on their internet connection to get their words out there into the twisted world that is the internet. But what if you can’t? What if your internet connection is so unreliable that you often can’t upload a simple photo, your words often disappear and you don’t have any way of getting them back. This is infact the fifth time I’ve written this post… That’s the challenge I face every day and why my blog sits stangnat at times…

I write, and then I rewrite all the time – not by choice.

My office smells like the ocean, tastes like chillied fish and wraps me in the sweet air of the salted sea brushed with coconut leaves. My office is a place where everyone knows my name but no one ever tells me what to do. My office is a place where I write, I laugh and I cry at times and when it all gets too much and the sun gets hot in the sky my office is a place where I nap and I wake up sandy.

My office has a terrible internet connection, it rains a lot and it leaks drops of warm water on my face. My office doesn’t have any stationary to steal and most of the time it doesnt pay very well… But I don’t care, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Sampai jumpa.

Barefoot inked, getting connected, slowly but surely.

This post is a part of the lonely planet blogsherpa blog carnival – hosted this month at Alpaca Suitcase  – check out the office and internet connection worries of blogging travellers the world over!

4 Responses to “a tough day at the office…”
  1. Tom Baker says:

    Sounds very picturesque. There are a great many places I would like to travel to but the snakes, bugs etc keep me from going. I’ve traveled to many places but the view you have from your office sounds great.

  2. David says:

    I can hear the ocean 🙂

    I use a Mac, and I also use a program called MarsEdit. It allows me to write a post offline and store it as a draft.

    I can write, style the text, add photos, links, tabs, categories, etc.

    Then I can upload whenever I have a connection, and not worry about losing anything.

    It’s only for Macs but if you are on a PC I would guess there are similar products.

    I’ve been using Marsedit for a longish while now and it does the job. It’s from redsweater software and it’s the bees knees.

    When my wife and I are discussing where we are going to settle down, one of the factors is always ‘Has it got a good internet connection?’


  3. Meagan says:

    David! You have just saved my blood pressure from going through the roof and causing my head to explode!
    Thank you for that little gem of information!

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