There is music in my head…

The world has been put on hold, and I’m in hibernation… I have found comfort in my little leaky beach bungalow with its grass mat on the tiled floor. I sit with music in my head and watch through the dusty windows as the blackened sky rumbles and pounds our village with torrential rain that is thrown against the glass like pebbles.

It’s Ramadan… and so the village is very quiet, the weather seems to understand that everyone wants to sleep the day away, ignoring the rumbling in their bellies and the dryness in their throats. So it’s been raining. I was going to fast, but when I thought it through I decided against it. Firstly because I like to surf during the day, and I can’t fathom surfing without being able to drink water afterwards. Also, I just can’t eat a big meal at 3am… And the more I thought about it, the more I realised that I’m not at all religious, so fasting would be a little pointless for me… I doubt I would find any sort of spiritual awakening during the process, so I’m giving it a miss.

It has been interesting to see the changes that have happened throughout the first five days, the boys who fast and those who dont. Like any religion my friends here follow theirs at different degrees. Some come to hide in our kitchen and eat lunch so that the village doesn’t see them eating, and I’m sure this practice is going to become more and more common as the month goes on, there is still 25 days after all.

I love the sounds of Ramadan. The mosque starts early in the morning, at around 2am, and sings until just after 4am. Then we have the regular mosque times throughout the day. But on top of these beautiful call to prayer sounds Ramadan brings something special to the soundscape of my world. Drums. Large empty fuel drums and plastic containers are used as musical instruments that are played to signify the beginning and end of the fasting day. They drum incredible tunes that wake me from my sleep and remind me of Jumanji. Their tunes slip into my dreams and take me on a journey in my sleep that I’ve never experienced before. I sleep by their side… they give me someone who gets everything else out of my mind.

We have had 3 earthquakes in the past 4 days. One came in the early hours of the morning and shook me from my sleep, perhaps I’m becoming a little complacent, I felt the ground vibrate beneath me and I rolled over and fell back into a heavy sleep. But there is something in the air at the moment that is so tangible that you can really feel it. The air is soupy with it, an opaque feeling that you can taste. Something is going to happen, I don’t know what it is yet… but when it happens, you will know about it.

I have however, been finding peace again in the landscape of my mind. Slowly its becoming more clear where to go from here. I marinate my thoughts in the soup of the air and I find answers written in the sand on the floor. I spend hours fighting the current of the rough stormy ocean, its gray water washes over me and fills me with ideas whilst clearing my mind at the same time. The fish fly around the broken pink board that I sit on and the sun rises through the broken sky. Light warms the air and smoothes the goosebumps on my skin. I am still alive here.

I’ve been very lucky to meet another blog reader who has come to this wonderful place because of my words and plans to use this as a base to finish a  novel he is writing. I’ve spent hours telling him my life story and hearing his. Talking about writing, techniques and the world that we live in. Inspiration comes in the strangest forms, when you least expect it and often when you need it most.

Barefoot, marching to the beat of my own drum… will I ever go ‘home?’

One Response to “There is music in my head…”
  1. pat saunders says:

    great post! although the question doesn’t seem to be will you ever go home….. its sounds like your already there. look forward to sharing a few waves later in the year!

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