When the world was a beachball, and we were good friends…

I haven’t written a blog for ages. I’m sorry about that, I’ve been extremely flattered by the influx of messages and emails from people all around the world who read my blog and are keen to read the next installment. Thank you, all of you for your support, kind words and excitment over my stories.

Lots of things have  happened in the past two (or is it three, or four?) weeks since I posted… It’s been a whilrwind of adventure, heart ache and quite a roller coaster ride. I was lucky enough to have my little brother come to visit for a couple of weeks – which kept me suitably busy and in fits of laughter.

From downfall to uprising, I’ve been shaken this way and that – moved house, spent hours painting in swarms of mosquito’s, been shut down by a tropical flu and had the absolute honour of meeting two beautiful families who came to this stunning place because they read my blog so many months ago. I’ve delighted in watching them play and surf and run around on the beach and have been humbled by their thanks.

I will write more soon, as we are nearing the eve of the beginning of Ramadan, I will have more time, more thoughts and more quiet in my mind to create, to tell stories, to connect.

Barefoot and exhausted as another day rolls past…

5 Responses to “When the world was a beachball, and we were good friends…”
  1. Jason says:

    Hey Sash,

    When you get some time I would love to know what Ramadan is like in your tiny muslim fishing village. Are people getting cranky? Stealing snacks during the day when no one is looking? Are you observing the rules as well?



  2. passerby says:

    I’ve really enjoyed your blogs sash. You sound just like me when i was hanging out in small town thailand. Went to find some peace and instead found myself very scattered! Small towns can cure all or be that place where you just end up hiding. Hope you make it back to the quiet in your head. Look forward to the next installment. Ive just made it to Indo myself. Hoping to swing by your little town.

    • Hi there, thanks for the comment! Let me know if your swining by the village, it’d be lovely to have a juice with you and show you around my beautiful home.

      • passerby says:

        Thanks Sash. I’ll probably be heading down next week. Though I’ve heard the weather is pretty bad at the moment so unsure as to whether to skip and go somewhere sunny. I do want to surf though! I’m travelling with my girlfriend. I know it’s Ramadan so we’ll have to be discreet, but would you say it’s a ‘gay friendly’ area? We’re very respectful anyways to the culture. But just good to get a heads up. Thanks for your help. Juice sounds great! Or a bintang?!

      • Bintang definately, the village is not anti-gay. we have had quite a few gay travellers in the past few months and even ifyou weren’t discrete I dont think you’d come up with any real issues, but it would just be disrespectful. All relationships gay or otherwise should be discrete as PDA is a no go in this part of Indo. The weather has been shocking, but we are all fingers crossed this downpour will end soon. As I typethis however it is raining and leaking in my room. But from what I’ve heard most of Java is the same at the moment, some sort of weird weather front that seems to be hanging around. Hope to see you here! Cheers. Sash.

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