Children of the world.

little boy in Yogya

I have always loved the connection that I make with children while I travel. From India to France to Indonesia there have been hundreds of children that have touched my heart. The wonderful thing about children across the world is that language is never a barrier. You can use sign language, and games to get through to them.

On Friday night I wandered through an artist market in the dark and came across a little boy playing soccer on the dirt field. He had a long piece of rubber hanging out of the back of his pants like a tail. I was instantly drawn to him. He was cheeky and lively like a little monkey and shook his tale in front of me daring me to pull it. I talked to him in Indonesian and shared some of my coconut juice with him. We laughed and teased each other and then played a game of soccer with a deflated old ball, much to the joy of the adults and other children who had gathered to watch us.

There is something about children, the are so open and happy to be involved. They want so much to talk and to play, but words are never the most important. Someone to play with, someone to laugh with, some stranger to just hang out with them… children’s wants are simple, and easy to understand. And there is nothing more fulfilling as an adult than being accepted by a child in a foreign country. To be invited to play.

When I left he asked me to take a photo of him. So I did. And here it is.


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