A canine eviction…

Still waiting for him to come home...

I arrived back in BK to silence.

Our village is normally filled with dogs. And when I arrived back in BK from my road trip to Central and East Java there was an unfamiliar silence on the beach. The dogs were gone.

Apparently dog-nappers came in and removed 15-20 dogs in the space of two days. And the day after I arrived a new group of dogs were dropped off. What is going on is beyond my comprehension.

For someone who has been missing their puppy for 4 weeks now, tis more than a little bit disturbing.

I can’t help but hanging on to hope that Sammy will come home. I will wait for him.

x Barefoot and waiting.

One Response to “A canine eviction…”
  1. Meagan says:

    That is horrifically heartbreaking!

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