Once apon a time, there was a bus…

We got on the bus at 8am on Saturday morning, prepared for a ten hour drive from Central Java to East Java getting us as close as possible to the Bromo Volcano, which we planned to climb before dawn on Sunday Morning… we were in for a long day.

Ten hours came and went and we were still hours away from our destination. Something happens to us all on long drives, we all tend to go a little freaking crazy. We played games, we talked shit, we all felt a little insane until 14 hours later, a change of bus and an important purchase of cold beer from a local Indomaret, we made it to our hotel, at 10pm at night, exhausted, starving and with the sorest bus-bum I’ve ever experienced.

We checked in only to discover that there was no little to no food in the area and the food that there was, well would not be available until the morning as the world had shut down for the night.

Beer for dinner anyone?

3 Responses to “Once apon a time, there was a bus…”
  1. Jason says:

    Actually, a beer sounds pretty good!
    Last time I was in Indonesia (20 yrs. ago) I climbed Mt. Batur, on Bali…haven’t done Mt. Bromo on Java yet.
    I’ll check back to see how the climb went.
    Jason (fellow blogsherpa – AlpacaSuitcase)

    • Thanks for stopping by Jason! A bit bogged under in the old blog department, should get the climb blog up tomorrow! You should stop by, and then do the climb yourself, its beautiful!!

  2. Matty says:

    “that there was no little to no food”

    Should read:

    that there was little to no food

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