this little piggy went to market…

this little piggy went home…

That little piggy got none...

The time has rolled around again for the Lonely Planet Blogsherpas to Carnival it up. This weeks topic is ‘ Foreign Food Finds’ which I’m sure will get some mouths watering and some tummys turning…

When I was in Vietnam a few months ago, I came across some extraordinarily bizarre foods that I tried and tested across the country. I ate boiled duck foetus and rat, I tried many kinds of mystery meats and market snacks that I felt it was better to not know what the primary ingredient was and just munch away happily.

But when I was in a little tiny village outside of Can Tho I was walking through a crowded little market when I discovered one of my most bizarre food finds yet.

Currently living in a pig-free country like Indonesia, considering the majority of its inhabitants are followers of Islam – I havent seen pork in a while, let alone eaten any pork products. But in Vietnam I discovered some extraordinary parts of pigs that I’d never seen… In Australia at least we only see the pork chop or fillet.

no waste no fowl

But here at this market, that little piggy went to market, that little piggy never came home. Served up on a plate was his eyes, snout, ears, cheek, intestines… I can only imagine what my local friends would think about this… considering that they don’t eat pork meat at all – I wonder if they’d give the eye a go. My guess is not.

The Islamic faith is very clear on the No PIG rule…

 ” Forbidden to you for (food) are: dead meat,
            blood and the flesh of the swine and that
            which hath been invoked the name other than
            Allah. ”
                           Holy Qur’an 5:4

I’ve eaten plenty of pig in my life, a delicious pork roast with its crunchy crackling and a big blog of warm sweet apple sauce was one of my favourite child hood meats. But I’ve got to say, after discovering that no waste attitude toward the animal in Vietnam – I’m really not missing piggy meat… not one little bit….

that’ll do pig, that’ll do.

Barefoot oinked…

One Response to “this little piggy went to market…”
  1. Georgia says:

    Fascinating – the French have a saying the Vietnamese would agree with – “tout est bon dans le cochon”. But I’m not convinced either.

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