my home from the sky

my beautiful home from the sky

I returned to my beautiful home away from home at the end of last week after a very extravagant trip back to my beautiful childhood city Perth.

There is a little airline called Susi air that services the little airports of Java, and I’d never flown it before, but I decided after a big couple of weeks, that I really didn’t want to spend 10 hours on a bus after flying into Jakarta at 5am in the morning. So, I transferred to Jakarta’s little Halim airport and into what seemed like the twilight zone.

Halim airport is not the smallest airport in the world – compared to our local Nusawiru airport – it’s a super mall. But I was the ONLY passenger in the entire airport, my ticket was written by hand on a receipt and I had no idea which gate I had to wait at. I asked a few staff members and all they could say to me was to congratulate my Indonesian language skills. My flight was supposed to have left 45 minutes ago and I really did feel like I was on a different planet.

My private jet

And then it happened. A little plane landed – and staff came to collect me. I was the only passenger on the ten seater plane – and I was very suprised at how gorgeous the plane was. It contained big comfortable leather seats with wooden laminate tables and little packets of cupcakes and water and other Indonesian treats. It was like having my own private jet and for $50AUD I got a taste of what it is like to rich and famous.

I could chat to the pilots during the entire trip as they sat just in front of me, I watched them take off and land and navigate through the dense clouds over suburban Jakarta.

While we flew over the beautiful island that is my home, I saw stunning volcanoes, rivers and mountain ranges that literally took my breath away. It was perfection.

As we got to the coast that I love so much, I saw the expanses of rice fields surrounded by dense jungle. It is the BEST way to see the scenery that I drive through every day, and it was the first time that I’ve had any idea of how seriously remote we really are out here. There is no town, no village, no community that is big enough to see from the sky… Just jungle. Just beauty. Just perfection.

my neighbourhood from the sky

If you ever make it to Java – from wherever you are in the world, dear readers, I insist that you take a Susi air flight and see the beauty that you can only really appreciate with a bird’s eye view.

I love this place… It’s so good to be back.

Barefoot home, relaxed and recovering.

One Response to “my home from the sky”
  1. sally s says:

    hi there !
    may I know how to get susi air ticket ? I wondering to go back to my home town this year , my home town somewhere pangandaran , I wish I could fly from Bandung to Nusawiru airport but I don’t have any information about the airport yet even though I’ve been tried to search at every possibility about it . Actually I fly from Kuala lumpur Airport (KLCC) direct to Bandung,
    Is there any possibility for me to get susi air information ? I really need it . Can you help me please ? Well , you can reply my message direct to my e-mail address


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