just between you and me…

I have a secret to share, but it needs to be kept just between you and me. Ok?

I got frisked… and I loved it.

I’m once again in transit, in the cold sterile white wash that is the Perth Inter(gash)ional airport after a lovely evening talking absolute rubbish with my siblings.

I already feel sweaty, sticky and dry all at once – which is afterall the beauty of being in transit – and I’m forever amazed at how quickly the seedy feeling sets in… I’ve already misplaced my passport twice (once whilst in the car on the way here, and once a second ago when it was IN my hand)… and I again wonder why I put myself through this so often and don’t just put down some roots somewhere and just stay – But then, where would the fun be in that?

I enjoy the perks of the free internet booth, but I have to stand – which at ass o’clock after midnight is not really my thing.

I have a book and a laptop loaded with mindless TV that will get me through but I just can’t bear to plug myself in just yet and let my brain turned to mush – although I guess I’m doing that right now – and unfortunately (for you) I’m sharing this experience with you all. Don’t you feel lucky?

Tomorrow will be not as hellish as my trip back to the village normally is, I’ve decided to splurge… I fly into JK early in the morning and then after what is bound to be an abnormally long time in the line for immigration – as they are testing a new identification system which involves photography and electronic fingerprinting – I will emerge into the sweaty city at the beginning of the day – I will then instead of a tear jerking ride to the bus, train, bus for ten hours – I am heading for a new experience – off to the Helim airport to catch a little Susi plane that after just a few hours will land me 25 minutes from my village and home in relative comfort, in time for an afternoon surf and a beer with some friends… The only difference is the cost, but for comfort when you are looking at the difference between $5AUD and $50AUD – I’m willing to splurge.

It’s been another wacky week of craziness – bring on the chocolate sand, relaxation and head space to work, create and love again…


Barefoot and delirious…

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  1. s says:

    love again ….

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