greeted with an icy kiss

I arrived in Perth this morning at a very cheery 4.15am and was met with a blast of cold air that shrunk my skin and turned my toes blue. I was not prepared for this.

It’s easy to forget when you live in the tropics that winter exists (even in Australia)… and when you live out of a backpack for five months, you really don’t have any appropriate clothes to stay warm.

So I hopped from foot to foot until I was greeted from a friendly and sleepy sister outside of the arrival lounge, who whisked me home to the warmth and comfort of her house.

We chatted over coffee for hours until it was time to rouse the rest of the household for their daily work and school routine – and then drove on to see my new little nephew – his cute little baby face having grown and his new smile could break the heart of even the coldest person. What a smile! It’s good to be in my hometown for a while but I can’t help be homesick for my new home already.

There is something almost hypnotic about the pull of Batukaras that is very convincing… a need to stay… a desire to never leave – and a magnetic force dragging you back when you do happen to make yourself leave.

Barefoot blue and tired… wired… can’t sleep.


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