itchy feet

the view from my street...

I’ve been back in BK for two weeks now. And there hasn’t been much to report. Life goes on the same here, the days are getting shorter as we head into winter… And the sunsets get more and more spectacular every night.

It’s wonderfully restful here… but I have itchy feet. Vietnam reminded me what it is to be scared, what it is to be on edge – to feel alive. I’ve become complacent and it’s time to shake it up a bit. Whether it be jumping from the tsunami tower and cutting my toes on the crabs and barnacles on the rocky climb to the top, surfing a wave, nose diving, driving fast up a hill chasing the sunset… or disappearing into the wind and seeing where it will take me – I need to find something every day that makes me go… ‘Wow.’

Everyone does… I guess. It’s easy to forget when you live in a big city. For me when I was in Melbourne, driving from one back-breaking job to another, collecting my cash and saving for… well… something different. I didn’t view the sun that caught light in the corner of a sky scraper, the fake grass under my feet on a roof top bar or the feeling of a cold glass of pims and the laughter of good friends in the same category as climbing the great wall of china or watching a sunset on a tropical beach. But it is. You can still go ‘Wow’ no matter where you are… it’s all about finding it. That little moment in every day that truly makes you feel good for being alive. We all have bullshit every day things we have to deal with, whether its paying bills or washing dishes… working at a dead-end job, gazing at that postcard of a better world pinned above your desk. No matter where you are – there is a moment, in every day that you need to look for… because once you start to look, you will find more than one.

I’m getting complacent in my tropical paradise. But I don’t want to leave. I just need to open my eyes again. Feel that warm air against my back and the breeze through my hair, the cool skin of a beer after a long day or the splash of the water around me as I fall ass over tit under water off my board. Just be there. Feel it.

It’s times like this that travelling takes true courage. It’s the courage to stay when the unfamiliar has become familiar. The courage to dig deeper… because there is sure to be so much more you haven’t yet experienced. Some travellers travel to see the world. They are proud of the stamps in their passports, like notches in their belts. I’m a traveller who travels to discover… to learn… to exist in a place that is so far from where I come from. So leaving, well, it’s just not an option.

Barefoot and digging deeper, sandy and worn.

2 Responses to “itchy feet”
  1. mark says:

    Hi, Sash. I found your blogs from a Lonely Planet thread. Reading them, it seems to me that you know Batu Karas (and ‘feel’ it) as well as any other blogger/threadster and I wondered if I could ask you a couple of questions about the place…

    I’m hoping to arrive in BK by August 10th and spend two, three weeks, maybe more, writing (finishing the first draught of a novel) in the morning and learning to surf in the afternoon- it looks and sounds from your blogs like the perfect place to do this. And I’m trying to find out about mid to long term accommodation- could you recommend anywhere?

    The guesthouse name that keeps popping up is the Java Cove Hotel, but aside from being a little pricey if I end up staying a long time, according to its website it’s booked up for when I’d arrive, till mid/late August. Is there anywhere else that you can suggest like that? Is the village busy at the moment? Could I just pitch up and find a room, as opposed to booking ahead?

    I don’t mind moving once or twice, but ideally I’d like to find somewhere that I could drop my bag and settle into for the duration. Living in Goa most of the year, in a simple little house on the edge of a paddy field, I don’t need/expect western comforts, but a private room with a sea view would be great, as would electricity and a fan, an en suite bathroom and a balcony/veranda/porch area where I could write. I write by pencil then type up later, so i don’t need a desk… Sound like anywhere you can think of?

    The other option is to head to South Lombok, Kuta area, which is apparently quiet (not Bali Kuta-ish) and has surf breaks for beginners. Do you have an idea about Lombok Kuta?

    One last question: I’d be arriving during Ramadam- August 10th to September 1oth, I think; would this make any difference to Batu Karas, re available food/restaurants, having a beer at the JavaCove, travelling onto some where else (East Java)?

    I really hope you can help me out, or at least point me in the right direction.Thank you in advance.


    PS And keep writing your blogs. They’re little islands of magic amidst the oceans of darkness that flood the web!

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