Tạm biệt Vietnam!

Goodbye Vietnam, I wish I could have been with you for longer, I promise i will come back and visit your curious north sooner rather than later!

This morning I roused myself early after a final night of beer with old friends and new friends and goodbyes and exchanges of information and promises to travel together in the future…

My flight was late and I was exhausted. But I drove through the streets of Ho Chi Minh for the last time. Watching the bakers deliver bread to the street vendors, and families cutting enormous blocks of ice for the day all as the hazy globe of orange sun rose above the city scape. A day was just beginning, and my trip had come to an end.

I flew into Singapore at 12pm, and jumped on the MRT into the city to meet an old friend, a good friend, for a feast that was incredible. He decided to buy me lunch, of all his favourite local delicacies, and to the delight of the ladies sitting next to us, we feasted as they laughed and clapped their hands at the sheer enormity of the amount of food we were inhaling. An iced coffee at a Kopi Tiam in the heat of the day – and conversation about love and life, relationships and the twists and turns that we have both taken in the four years since we last talked face to face.

There is nothing better than being able to see a familiar face after so much has been different for so long. To be able to talk to someone who knows you and loves you just for you – for the you you were back then… for the you you will be once more – for the child you were and the adult you have become. New friends are wonderful, but old friends are irreplacable.

Now I’m sitting, once more in transit, tired, wired and with still a long trip back to BK in front of me, laden with trinkets and booze, t-shirts and cheap shoes, my bags are heavy and my mind if full of stories of far away lands.

Barefoot in transit… counting down the minutes to take off.


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