Markets, Motorbikes and a love for Saigon

Saigon Sunset

After getting back from Mekong delta I decided to get out there into Saigon, I ran into my friends again, who had just arrived back from the South – Mekong delta. It’s always strange to see how often you run into the same people again and again – it happens all the time when you are travelling alone.

I spent thursday morning at the office of Loreto Australia and Vietnam – a charity organisation who does great work for the kids of Saigon – and on Saturday I’m going to see the school that they are about to redo and donate bicycles to the kids in the poor slum areas – I’m very honoured to be given this opportunity.

In the afternoon I wandered around the city, taking in the sites, getting lost in the deep dark hot alleyways of the back streets of Saigon. Where the houses are brightly coloured and whole families live in one room. I could smell diesel and meat and feel the heat of the sun beating down on my shoulders.

L on the streets of Saigon

I met L back in what we like to call his office, a street corner in the main traveller drag and we decided to take his old russian motorbike out for a cruise to try to find the market in the expanse of Saigon’s china town. We didn’t find it, but what we did find was millions of motorbikes. And we were stuck in peak hour traffic. My knees grazed the traveller on the bike next to me and the giant bus on the other side.

Highway Saigon

We came back and ate Balut with some great girls from South America and a new Dutch friend. We got them to try Balut with some other travellers and we ate some random blade clams which were doused in chilli and were delicious.

Another night out with friends, some goodbyes and some new faces.

Barefoot, sweaty and running out of clean clothes… I love this city but I can’t help pine for the cool crystal water and hot dark sand of my home.

I’m homesick for you Batu Karas…

One Response to “Markets, Motorbikes and a love for Saigon”
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