I said I would… so I did.

Vietnamese street food - as authentic as it gets...

I few weeks ago I wrote a blog about weird food from all around the world, and I talked about Balut  – a Phillipino delicacy of boiled chicken embryo that is sucked out of the egg – and I said that I would try it if I ever came across it.

I am one who is true to my word… today in Vietnam I found this delicacy – which is perhaps not exactly the same as Balut – but close enough to count I’m sure. In Vietnam it is called Hot Vit Lon… and basically it is a fertilised duck egg with a baby duck inside. This egg is then boiled, the top is cracked off and the liquid (embryonic fluid I guess) is then drained into a cup and shot down by the consumer – in this case, me.

baby duck - from egg to mouth.

The baby duck and the surrounding egg is then eaten with a combination of a spoon and a sucking motion from the shell.

I was with a group of foreigners I’d met, all of which seemed absolutely appalled that I would eat such a thing – one of whom looked as though he might actually vomit if he watched – so he averted his eyes deliberately.

The insides where black, and if you looked really closely you could see the baby duck features – I tried not to took too closely, but I couldn’t help it. so I sucked and spooned the insides into my mouth, and was suprised. It was absolutely delicious… And after I finished, I honestly could have eaten another one, being only 5,000vnd each, it really is a true bargain, at about 25cUS an egg. Instead I had some chicken Pho to wash it down and a large bottle of Saigon beer.

We then moved on to a little drinking house in the main centre of the backpacker area of Saigon – where they serve beer by the jug for 12,000VND – which is the equivalent to about 75cUS… making each mug of beer about 25cUS. Insanely cheap – and delicious. So, we sipped and we chatted and ate local snacks from the vendors who passed us by hawking their wares…

Now it is time to rest up, pack up and move on.

Tomorrow Mekong Delta – and a homestay in a little Vietnamese village in the Rice Bowl of the world. Can’t wait… but it’s an early mornign and I’ll be offline for a few days – but I know when I come back, I’ll have all sorts of exciting stories (and maybe some weird food adventures) to tell.

Until then…

Barefoot, balut and beer… what a night.

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