first night solo

There is something strangely liberating about eating alone – and I’m sure this is a topic that I will revisit during the next two weeks. Solo eating, there is an art to it, knowing how much to order, bringing some sort of entertainment, and trying not to feel too lonely. But I was reading an article by another writer today, about eating alone and finding the joy in it. And she said, it’s better to be alone, than wish you were. And I guess there is something in that. It’s about embracing the freedom of eating what you like, when you like, and spedning as long as you want eavesdropping, pretending to be whoever you want to be. The solo diner always gets attention… people will always wonder why you are alone. So read a book, write a book, talk to people… talk to yourself if you want to. It doesn’t matter if you look crazy… crazy is becoming anyway… right?

Last night I walked through Bandung and ate at a little resto called Golden Duck – a dim sum and bbq place. As I sat down the sky opened up and spewed hot sticky rain over this fine city. Everything outside became hectic and it sounded as if hail was falling inside my skull.

I ordered, from an interesting menu, bypassing turtle soup and pidgeon soup – although I’d love to try turtle soup, after my turtle saving expeditions, I just can’t bring myself to support it… so, it might actually be one food that never passes through these lips. And as for Pidgeon soup, I don’t know about that at all… Maybe in a market, but not in a resto. I ordered hoianese rice with baked duck and prawn and crab dumplings – and my regular evening bintang.

The food was delicious, and I read The Jakarta Post cover to cover catching up on the world around me.

The rain subsided eventually and I was able to leg it back to the Hotel and managed not to get wet. I weaved my way through stalls and children and cats playing in the puddles. Turning down the constant offer for transport and made it back to the Hotel safe and sound. I crawled into my comfortable bed and got my last nights sleep before the hectic day of transit today.

11.30am – check out and taxi

1 pm bus to jakarta

4 -5 arrive jakarta

8 fly to singapore.

11 arrive singapore

sleep on the floor of the budget terminal in singapore.

7am fly to vietnam.

8am arrive vietnam.

10am crash pretty hard.

Barefoot scrubbed and ready for transit.


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