Bandung and its crazy sideshow alley…

now, how to cross?

In Bandung there is a street called Jl Cihempelas… and its a bizarre place to be. It reminds me of sideshow alley at the royal show on acid.

Every second shop is named after a super hero – and is complete with enormous statue of said superhero either out the front or on the roof. Tarzan, spider man, iron man, wonder woman – all the faves are here – and the contents of the stores have NOTHING to do with the superheroes that so kindly lend their names… It’s so strange.

Seriously, this place is mental. I would have taken photos, but I just couldn’t even get far enough from anything to take a picture of it. So much traffic. So much drama. So many people trying to touch me.

It’s near impossible to cross the road. But you have to, right? you can’t stay on the same side forever. There is never any break in the traffic, so you just take a deep breath and frogger out into it – hoping that the drivers will avoid you as much as you will attempt to avoid them… it may be a vain hope, but it worked well enough for me.

Massive malls, food and I love Bandung t-shirts crowd around me in fluorescent colours. After an hour, I’d had my fill… it was time to head back to some sort of sanity.

But first… to cross the road…

Barefoot tired but venturing out into the night in search for food…


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