can’t we all just get along?

if the dead can, why can't we?

Gay Rights groups in Indonesia are desperately calling out to Indonesian Authorities to step up and arrest certain Islamic groups for raiding a hotel and harassing Gay and Lesbian rights advocates in Surabaya on Monday.

Surabaya, in East Java, was due to hold a GLBT international rights conference and many advocates had flown into Indonesia from around the world. But, the conference was cancelled last-minute by the Indonesian government – due to fears that they could not (would not) be able to provide the necessary protection fearing backlash from the countries religious groups.

Indonesia is one of the highest population of muslims in the world. Islamic terrorists have worked in high numbers here – as we are all aware, the Bali bombings, the more recent Jakarta bombings… are just to name a few of the internationally publicised terrorist attacks. But branding the whole country as being religiously zealous in a negative way is just mass media slurs developed to grow fear that makes terrorism so successful in the first place. After all, what is terrorism without terror?

I think it is very sad that in Surabaya, a group of international gay rights lobbyists where staying in a hotel after their conference was cancelled and were raided by an Islamic group. But to say that the entire country is anti equal rights is a bit much.

The biggest issue here is not only the raid – but the way it was dealt with by the Police. The Indonesian Police are not really the power in Indonesia. And these police are trying to figure out what to do about the situation. Figure it out? Isn’t it clear? Any attack on belief or personal choice should be dealt with? But the Police state that they don’t know what to do about the situation because:

Because the majority of the people will consider that the action is understandable.

This I find very hard to believe. I have a lot of friends who are of the muslim religion – and I have discussed these terror wars etc with my muslim friends here. And it’s a consensus that in every group there are a few bad people, and unfortunately for those that follow the Islamic faith these bad people have given them an internationally bad wrap. It’s not fair.

Religion is religion, sexuality is sexuality, there are many very religious people who happen to be against their beliefs when it comes to their sexuality.

It’s crazy. War based on religion – even if it is as small as one group victimizing and instilling fear in another – is insane. Isn’t the basis of ALL religions to be kind to your fellow-man?

The colour of our skin, our religion, our sexuality, our background, it doesn’t matter. We are all made of the same stuff…

Can’t we all just get along?

Barefoot inked and stamped.

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