oh lo lo lo lo… that’s a big snake.

our locals dont strangle...

I’ve been sick again, something tropical, some sort of flu, a spider bite and swollen lips… a cough and generally bedridden for two days. It’s ok though, my friends assure me I’m not missing much, no swell, rainy weather and low season is keeping everyone bored stupid… so at least I’m not missing out on any excitement.

However, there is plenty of excitement happening in the rest of the country it would seem.

In Indonesia yesterday, a 13 year old boy was killed by a fkn big snake, whilst cooling off in the river. Oh my lord. I’m not a fan of snakes, and I’ve seen a fair few since I got here. Mostly just garden snakes, long green, or brown, on the road, you just tuck your feet up a bit on the bike and try not to run them over.

But a 23 foot python… I can’t even imagine how big that is, that’s like me laying head to toe more than 4 times.

He was strangled and nearly swallowed whole in the Tembung river on the island of Sumatra. And in the news report it said that local villagers scared the snake off with bamboo spears, but the boy was already too damaged to survive. A few of his friends were also involved in the attack and survived.

Pythons native to Indonesia usually only grow to 20 feet, the article stated, well… that’s a relief. I think I’ll avoid any snake infested areas… And I’ll stick to my reptilian companions at home – our big barking geckos and frogs.

Barefoot and watching my step.


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