The first one’s gone.

In the past three weeks I’ve managed to build a pretty awesome group of friends here, we spend a large magority of the days together, surfing in the morning, drinking juice in the afternoon, watching movies, telling jokes, and then drinking beer at sunset.

Today the seam began to unravel. B left. And in a few days J goes, and then E on friday. And I stay… Life will shift again.

It’s an interesting concept really, living like this, where travellers come in and out of your life, living distinctive imprints on your heart and mind and then going back to their ‘real world,’ while you stay here in yours, waiting for the next influx of travellers and searching their faces for signs of companionship.

It is fantastic to have the opportunity to befriend so many different people from so many different cultures and walks of life, our stories all met here, and some will continue and others will fall to the wayside, which is the way with any group of friends. These friendships are bred in an extreme situation, solo travellers need someone to share their time with, someone to talk to, share a meal. And here we found eachother…

But with B gone, and his trusty stick no where to be seen, there will certainly be less laughter at the table today.

Barefoot inked, and perpetually curesed with a Bintang clouded hangover… a lot of goodbye parties this week.


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