my days in pictures.

A lot has happened in the past few days, and still, not much at all. But I’ve had my camera on hand – so I thought we’d try something a little different and take a picture tour of life in the village in the past week.

E at the Reef

We surfed, morning, noon and afternoon. We felt the cool skin of a rashie over our heads and the stinging bites of the jelly fish on our legs.

Tebs in all it's fizzy glory.

We had lunch at Ibu Ade (more than once) this week. Where you can makan all sorts of delicious indonesian and sundanese food in the front room of a little old ladies house. She is very loved by the local community, and she serves Tebs, one of my favourite non alcoholic beverages in the region.

poor puppy

Our puppy Sam is growing alarmingly, he is also quite sick and has been for the past three days. He won’t eat. He just lays there all day – doing a sad little tail wag whenever I come out to give him a cuddle. We are hoping his apetite comes back sooner rather than later.


We went surfing at the reef – well, my friends went surfing, I clicked them. I’m not a strong enough surfer for the reef – maybe later in the year. Maybe not. We’ll just take it as it comes I think.

not a bad life at all...

There was a lot of this. Sitting, smoking, watching the waves. Feeling the skin burn.


And then there was this little girl. Who warmed my heart and made me laugh with her silly words and funny gestures. There is something magical about sundanese chidren…

And that’s a wrap. I might peel that rashie off the line and feel its tight skin against mine and go for a surf. Or I might just have a nap. Or read something. Or maybe I’ll just spend another hour staring at the white wall infront of my and scratching my fifty mosquito bites. We’ll see. There are no important decisions that have to be made today.

Barefoot inked, and jelly fish sting.

One Response to “my days in pictures.”
  1. kate Heaslip says:

    beautiful shots doods!!

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