Cute, cuddly and delicious.

they are cute, but in India I ate them as a beef substitute...

Over the past few weeks I’ve had many a discussion about food – meat namely – and what I would eat and what I wouldn’t eat.

Through the discussion with my Muslim friends here in BK, they all say no to pork, absolutely no way will they let pig pass through their lips. But, on other meats (that aren’t condoned so much by the religion) they say, bring it on… but still are shocked at the eating habits of the rest of the world, namely China – but then again, who isn’t? Our discussions have turned to the routine eating of dog in their own Indonesian backyard which is common practice in both Bali and Sulawesi. 

Stir fried frog is delicious... if not a little chewy

Yuri a new friend and surfer in the village from Finland says he’s eaten both and says yes to dog, but cat, just really doesn’t do it for him.

And then there is the question of eating chicken foetus’ in the Philipines. Balut is a traditional snack throughout a lot of South East Asia, namely the Philipines, Vietnam and Cambodia, and yes, it is exactly what I say it is, a chicken foetus. It is eaten straight out of the egg, with the top cracked off and then sucked through the hole, feathers, beak and all. A local friend tried it on a surfing trip to the Philipines and says that although he was very against it at first, after he tried it, he’s a fan. He said it truly is delicious. It makes me shudder to think that traditionally this little bird is also put on a skewer whole and fried over a flame to be eaten just like the snacks that you see in Shrek – where it’s funny because it seems so silly, but the reality is it’s happening, and it’s delicious. Maybe when I go to Vietnam I’ll be very brave and try Balut… but maybe not.

From escamoles (the egg of a large ant) in Mexico to Casu Maru in Sardinia, Italy I can already feel my stomach turning. Ant egg taco’s or a cheese that is deliberately infested with a fly that subsequently lays hundreds of maggots  in this so called delicacy before you eat it. Ugh… Sweet fkn christ, I don’t know about that one… And it might be interesting to note that the only place in the world where people actually want to eat this cheese, it has been made illegal. Go figure. And then wash it down with Baby Mice Wine from China and I think you will be done with the whole eating charade for… well, forever.

There are some pretty strange traditions out there, and I’m willing to say that I’d try them all if the opportunity presented itself, I’m a meat eater – I have no religious constraints, so if they’ll cook it, sure, I’ll give it a go. But I can’t promise I’ll keep it down.

He's cute, I like to pat him, but I'd also like to eat him with a side of mash...

I’m pretty sure that Australia is the only country in the world that openly and enthusiastically eats their national emblem, and why wouldn’t you, not only are the Emu and the Kangaroo delicious but they are in abundance in our great lands. And compared to the eating of various testicles from animals around the world – the eating of Emu and Kangaroo, even a little croc and snake here and there really does seem harmless enough, doesn’t it? My friends here are shocked that we eat this cute creatures – and are yet to be convinced that cute can mean delicious.

Look at the seals in Canada – the routine seal culling happens every summer, and even though I think seals are very cute, lovable creatures and I’d like one as a pet – I’d still be willing to eat one. There are plenty of protesters who set out to stop the culling of the seals in northern Canada but I don’t see them protesting about the mass killing of rats in Eastern Europe – and if it is an animal rights thing after all, isn’t an animal still an animal? Or is it more barbarous if the animal is cute?

True vegetarianism is post modern and unrealistic for most of the world, to be a true vegetarian you would have to assume that there is plenty of protein rich, energy filled natural foods available that aren’t animal by-products. And I’m sorry to say, for most of the world – this is just not an option. But if you are truly an honest vegetarian, I take my hat off to you, it’s a noble quest…

But I also take my hat off to Michaelle Jeane, the Governor-General of Canada, who in 2009 killed a seal with a traditional Inuit knife, sliced away its heart and ate it raw. Because you know what,  that’s honest too. He’s a better meat-eater than I.

Battery fed chicken farms, cows hooked up to electric milkers, pigs bread in tiny cages – it’s how economic meat is made. And no, I don’t agree with it. Let me make it clear that I am fundamentally for the ethical treatment of animals – what I don’t understand is the inconsistencies in philosophies and the discrimination between animals. 

Economic meat in Australia and all around the world is not always ethical in its treatment of animals. I don’t like it. But I do eat it. Not here though – it’s mostly farm fresh here in village Indonesia. You get your steak right off the cow. But when in Australia, I don’t believe buying a slab of free range meat every now and again is going to make any difference – except perhaps to the taste of the meal.

It’s a choice, you either eat meat or you don’t. We have had a relationship with meat in the past century that is ridden with hypocrisy, and the idea that it is wrong to eat cute animals (lambs, seals, baby chickens) is right up there with all sort of discrimination we face in our day-to-day lives. Isn’t it?

If you eat meat, you eat meat, so stop the hipocrisy.

Don’t discriminate, cute and cuddly can still be delicious.

2 Responses to “Cute, cuddly and delicious.”
  1. garysmith says:

    Here is a good video on meat:

  2. Max says:

    I agree. The cuter the animal, the surer i am that i will taste amazing.
    mmmmm, now my mouth is watering.

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