pink sky with a beer in hand. friday.

Yesterday was friday in Batu Karas, the day when all of the boys visit the Mosque and the women cook for them and feed them when they get home. I spent the morning catching up on some writing that needed to be done and then headed into Legok Pari (the main strip in Batu Karas) for the afternoon, four jus nanas (pineapple juices) later, I found myself discussing politics, education, human rights, iphones and their uses along with many less intelligent things (including lists of all the rude words we know in every different language) with my friends both local and foreign and a rather strange Frenchman.

best seats in the house

We decided that we would go and watch the sunset from Riversider, a bungalow hotel on the other side of the village, it is set against the stunning green river and boasts a calm at that time of night that screams quiet perfection. When we got there the sun was still hot and the rocks burnt to sit on them. But sit we did. Quietly watching the constant flow gently toward the river mouth where the cool green water meets the sapphire sea. We talked and we were silent. We laughed and we gazed at the sun and its beauty. We felt our eyes fill with the colour of the sky. I scratched my feet against the rocks and felt alive. We felt the sweat roll down our backs as the sun had its final tantrum, throwing all of it’s left over heat from the day straight at our faces. We burnt, we cooled, we sat still and watched the end of a day roll over a river.

the sun sets on another friday in our village

 We sat, we drank, we smoked, we lit a bonfire after the sun was gone and we told stories from our childhoods, two childhoods in Australia, one from Belgium and one from Indonesia. We found similarities and differences, we discussed rights to education, freedom and religion in each of our countries and compared them without argument. We laughed and we sat in somber silence at times. We heard of siblings, broken families and lost babies. We drank until we were full and then we moved on. The sun had set, the warmth bled from the rocks under us, and our minds filled with each others stories.

Barefoot inked. Saturday awaits.

One Response to “pink sky with a beer in hand. friday.”
  1. Tasha says:

    I just love your photos in this post!!! Those are some breathtaking pictures 🙂
    There is something about pictures that people just brush off. Taking the time to appreciate what’s around us and be thankful we have such beauty.

    Sorry, I love taking pictures of basically everything, from food to nature and anything random. I will be adding you to my blogroll, I’d love to see more of your work!!

    take care,


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