Today, is a day like every other.

Today is a day like every other.

What a statement. But its starting to feel that way here in beautiful Batu Karas. There is not a whole lot to do, but in saying that I am accruing an impressive tan line on my feet and on my arms from my t-shirt, meanwhile the rest of my body is still glaringly white. Thats what you get for living in a muslim village where appropriate dress is a nessesity for respect and comfort.

I just got back from smashing dip in the sapphire sea. What a beautiful day it is. Might go for a surf this afternoon. Might just lay in a hammock on the beach and read a book. Jealous much?

Have been rediscovering the Whitlams whilst sweating in my loungeroom. Its great. I managed to intellegently wipe my ipod when I arrived back in town, and found some of my favourite music hidden on my computer – greatly anticipating the music dvds that are in the post from my wonderful sisters who aim to save me from my repetitive sound track.

I’m trying to plan my trip to Vietnam, slowly reading articles online and figuring out the best way to do it. I only have the chance to visit the south while I’m there and I’m really looking forward to diving head first into Saigon. Mmm. Cooking courses are a must and a import of rice paper for my village so I can make some delicious snacks for my friends which are always greatly appreciated.

Last week I made mexican food for my local friends. Finding ground beef was a bit of a mission and came down to me choosing sections from a whole cow and getting them ground then and there. Not quite as simple as a trip to the meat section in Coles, but much more adventurous I’m sure. I made my mums Guacamole which was a real hit and devoured in a matter of minutes.

I wonder what international delight I should cook this week? Any suggestions?


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