Beach, beats and bintang.

There isn’t much I miss from back home. In fact, I don’t really miss anything at all. Except an available social life. Whether or not I took advantage of that when at home is irrelevant.

I miss having the option to go out and gather with a group of friends and just let loose. Just have some drinks and have a dance and laugh a bit, or go and see a show, a band, a piece of pizza and a beer. That careless nature of catching up on a Saturday afternoon or a good Sunday session at the local.

Last night I had a taste of it again.

There was a work group who had booked out most of the hotels in Batu Karas last night, and they also provided a DJ on the beach. It was a miserable day, the rain seemed like it wasn’t going to end and the clouds seemed superglued to the sky. But once the DJ started, the sky cleared, the rain stopped, and the sweat flowed freely.

Let me be clear. Things like that don’t happen often in Batu Karas. It’s a small village, a sleepy town, a fishing town… in no way is it a party town. With a distinct lack of bars of any kind and no bottle shop of any kind closer than 45 minutes away… last night was worth taking advantage of.

I danced, I drank too much and I hung out with my local friends and a new international friend, and I felt like I was home again, not home in terms of location, but in myself. Just existing, just being. not waiting for anything but just letting loose and having a good time.

Its great to feel the cool brown sand beneath your toes as you dance to the sound of familiar beats while a DJ calls out to the crowd in an unfamiliar language and a bonfire crackles behind you lighting the way.

There are things that everyone needs in life I think and that one of the most important things is company.

Everyone needs to have people to talk to, people to spend time with for no other reason than to just be together – whether it is sharing a dance on the beach, or a coffee in the rain, or a cigarette after a long day at work… everyone needs at least one other person, someone outside of a relationship, someone outside of your home life, to talk to. Even if you never talk about anything much in particular.

It’s something that I certainly notice more and more every day, the absence of friends. So I’m making a concerted effort to build that support network around myself. Besides, the boys here don’t do much during the day anyway. They just hang about. Who better than friends who are always free – and can teach you how to surf in exchange for driving their drunk ass home on the back of a motorbike after a party.

Barefoot inked by chocolate sand as the hangover is beginning to lift.


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