a prophet, a booking and another day in Batu Karas.

family fun on the beach

No surfing this weekend, there are too many people in the water!

If you are planning to come to visit Batu Karas, I’d strongly encourage avoiding Indonesian public holiday weekends – of which there are MANY… about one per month. This weekend is the celebration of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed, and everyone gets time off work. So there is a flood of Indonesian tourists from the cities of Java into our tiny little village. I’m spoilt, surely, at having this beautiful village so calm and serene most of the time… so spoilt that I avoid the beach as much as possible on long weekends. Too many people in the water, too much of a hazard if you want to surf and having quite mastered the art of direction… As much as I dislike crowds, I do appreciate how good it is for the local economy. These long weekends give the local businesses, tour guides, surf instructors and stores the customers that they just don’t have the rest of the time and it is essential for the survival of the locals. But still, I’ll give it a miss.

Batu Karas is one of the most beautiful villages I’ve ever visited and the friendly locals make it so easy to visit. With the added bonus of crystal clear sapphire seas and the unique chocolate sand, it’s a perfect part of the world to spend a year. I understand the frustration of the 20 something surfing locals though, because there is little entertainment outside of the surf. But for me, it’s just heaven.

Another sweaty day is passing me by here in my sunny village. I’ve been in the process of deciding where I will take a trip to at the beginning of April, something that I find very difficult to do. But I narrowed the choice down and the race came to a photo finish between Cambodia and Vietnam.

I’ve never been to either before, and both are on my bucket list of places to go… but how to decide? The plan is to visit both whilst I live in Asia this year – but for my visa run in April, the decision has come down to beautiful Vietnam – which won because of the food (and the flights were considerably cheaper).

I am realising more and more that I’m becoming distinctly out of touch with the ‘real world’ whilst living out here. With no Television I don’t get my daily dose of world news, and because of that I’m not really sure what is happening in big bad world… Not the worst thing ever, there isn’t the tears over lost children or the astonishing heartbreak over the situation in the middle east staring me in the face each night as I cook dinner – which was the ritual back home.

Perhaps I should do something about that.

We’ll see. It’s kind of nice to just live in a blissful ignorance for a while.


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