Sam our village Puppy.


our kampung puppy

After much deliberation, we have rescued ourselves a little kampung puppy. A beautiful little guy, who’s mum was killed by a wild pig and was found next to her in the jungle. We took a couple of weeks looking at different puppies, deciding which one we wanted… And then we found him.

In Indonesia, puppies aren’t much liked, though they are liked more than when they are grown up. People are scared of dogs. They aren’t revered as pets like they are in Australia and they certainly arent considered good companions. My puppy, Sam, however, is a wonderful companion. He is well behaved. He doesn’t cry at night. He carries his water bowl around when it is empty and drops his food bowl at my feet when he thinks its time for a snack. He knows his name and how to sit. He’s scared of frogs and he sleeps in a green plastic baby bath that I found in storage in our laundry.

You can’t buy puppy toys here, you can’t buy much of anything for pets. So I’ve made him some out of pieces of fabric and rope so that he has something that he’s allowed to chew on.

It’s nice to have the company during the day, and he’s very happy to ride on the bike with me to come into town to have breakfast at the hotel, or to just go for a ride. When he is bigger, he’ll be able to run alongside when he’s fast enough to keep up.

The only thing that makes this difficult, is that due to Australian custom law, we won’t be able to take him back to Aus with us at the end of the year, becase of the problems with rabies in Indonesia… So, we have to prepare him for being able to fend for himself if we can’t find a suitable home for him when it is time for us to leave. But I’m trying not to think about that too much. It’s better to have one good year in life, than none at all right? Right? I don’t know. I’m going to go with yes.

2 Responses to “Sam our village Puppy.”
  1. Jfrancisco says:

    How sweet. My father lives in Indonesia (Bali) and has mentioned the rabies problem there and at least one rescue organization that places dogs with people on the island. I’m sure if you look around, you’ll find something similar on Java or another expat family happy to take him. He’s adorable and I’m glad he found a good home with you. 🙂
    Also, thanks for the comment on my blog earlier today. I will look at yours more closely in the coming days, especially with your link to Indonesia. I was in Jakarta and Jogjakarta almost 8 years ago and Bali last year. Beautiful country and wonderful people!

  2. Trav says:

    I know you’ll give the pup a great home even if it is only for a year. You should see if australian customs will make an exception if your prepared to put him in quarantine for a lengthy period 🙂

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