• A jump in the deep end…

    There are places in the world and places in ones mind that are said to be unwise in which to travel. I plan to go to them all. For every moment spent waiting is a moment that could be spent doing something life changing. Stand up, make some noise... get out there in the world and feel something. Leaving home is easy, it’s the staying once you’ve got there that takes real courage. To travel, to experience, is to find a way to know another place, another culture, in some small way. And then to have the courage to allow yourself to be truly transformed by it. Be brave. Be wild. Break the mould and be whoever you want to be. Barefoot tattooed with the ink of time, sandy and in search of adventure.

Something new – Inked in Colour

Well, Barefoot Inked readers… life has changed in an amazing, grand and somewhat transformative way. I’m a mother. A very proud mother at that, to a beautiful five week old awe-inspiring child who has my full undivided attention day and night and it is exhausting, glorious, amazing and emotional every minute of every day. Along … Continue reading

it takes a village – a virtual village?

With motherhood literally moments away, I’ve been lost in thought – a privilege I am enjoying while it lasts. Days have been spent gazing down over my big belly, feeling the wriggles and squirms of my child and wondering – what sort of parent will I be? We are not your conventional couple my husband … Continue reading

waiting for godot…

Ready… set… go… I said, Go… GO? Ok… in your own time then little boss… whenever your ready, we’re here ready for you too. Waiting for Godot (AKA Howie)

bittersweet goodbyes

It feels almost overtly symbolic that tonight of all nights the sky has opened and rain falls heavily on our dry village. It’s the fourth night of torrential downpours in the past two weeks and it states with almost absolute certainty that the end of the dry season has come. For the fisherman it’s the … Continue reading

go on, live a little – I dare you…

Because doing good feels good too. Hedonists have been considered historically as being self-absorbed egotists who seek pleasure regardless of the pain it might cause others.  But this is not the sort of attitude that wins friends and influences people.  And life is much more fun with friends. So, I propose a different kind of … Continue reading

One village… two worlds.

Batukaras is a pretty spectacular place, there is no doubting that. It is a place where dark chocolate sand meets the sapphire sea. Every traveller I have spoken to who has stumbled into this village seems to have been enchanted by its beauty and hypnotised by its laid back attitude and general air of ambivalence… … Continue reading

a “bump” in the road…

It has been too long since I last wrote words here for you all to read. And I have a whole world of excuses and stories and experiences that could have filled hundreds of blogs over the past silent months on these pages out here in internet land. Instead of going back in time and … Continue reading

What would you do?

It’s a regular tuesday morning and you are on your way to work. There is a duck pond near your home that you always pass but rarely take much notice of it. This morning however something catches your eye. There is a child splashing about in the pond. He seems to be in the shallower area … Continue reading

Planes, trains and automobiles…

I’ve been on more than a few flights in my life. Hundreds, maybe even thousands. And there are some simple things that everyone (and I really do mean everyone) should remember before boarding that plane (in fact they are good tips for cars and trains too). Whether it be for work or play, having a … Continue reading

A rock-and-roll wedding…

I just got engaged. Sort of. I mean sort of because things don’t work the same here. We are however planning a wedding for this coming summer in Australia. There is no ring, there was no down-on-the-knee proposal… but I’m over the moon regardless. This is a different world and somehow this cross-culture relationship is … Continue reading